Monday, October 28, 2013

October Math Journal Prompt Pictures

You can check out the prompts featured above in my October Math Journal prompt pack by clicking the picture below.

I hope everyone has had a great start to their week!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Standards Based Fun!

My post tonight is short and sweet because I am one tired lady..
Halloween is almost here; I wanted to share a fun activity I like to do with my kiddos every year.

I hope everyone is having a super week!  I'm off to bed- gnight!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Third Grade Thursday- Fluency!

This week I wanted to share with you guys things I have been working on with my kiddos during RTI.  Drum roll please..... FLUENCY!
And silence...
Oh, so it's not just me!
You didn't do it very often with your kiddos either...
Well, I have decided to make it an important part of my lesson each day during RTI.
First, I wanted to establish the why behind fluency..  So, I found this FREE poster from MsJordanReads tpt shop!  This was the perfect way to explain why fluency is so important.
She has a wonderful blog post about teaching fluency.  I found oodles of resources in that post that are free and super helpful!
Next, I found a few different word lists.  To start out each session we take turns reading a list of words.  Some of them are real words and some of the lists are nonsense words.
I found this word generator to make me a new list each day!  I just took a snapshot of each list and added it to my ppt.
We also practiced phrases!
Finally, I explained what it meant to be a "cold read".  I gave them each a passage.  They were able to read it 3 times through.  By the 3rd time, I told them their tongue should be on fire because it was a hot read!!!  Of course, they thought I was silly...  But, I explained by the 3rd time, they should have some comprehension of the text they just read. I found a ton of free passages from the links below:
And, of  course you want to have data to show their progress.. Well, I was introduced to the website 
It is amazing and FREE!!!
You can pick a certain area to test your kiddo in.  Enter their score and it will have a beautiful little chart to display for ya!  So, in love!!
I also purchased this wonderful product during the FB sale!!!
I hope you have found this post useful.  If ya did, leave me some comment love.
Have a great rest of the week!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall/Halloween Math & Literacy Centers

This time last year I had just finished created a plethora of Fall/Halloween Math & Literacy Centers for my kinder kids.  You can check them out by clicking the preview pic below.
They loved all the fun activities we did during the month of October.  You can check out a few of my posts from last year by clicking any of the pictures below.
Here are a few snapshots from last year:


All my Fall Packs will be 20% off until Thursday to celebrate Fall Break!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

3rd Grade Thursday- sample RTI ppt.

This week I wanted to share one of my sample ppt's I made to use for RTI.  I can share it because I flattened some of the pages.  Yay!  However, you won't be able to edit it.
Do you remember going to Cherry Carl's website???
If not, you should definitely head over there and check it out!
She has oodles of stuff for free!
When I taught K I would grab some of her little sight word readers and a ton of other things.  I recently stumbled upon her site the other day when looking for a few activities for RTI.  I had completely forgotten about it???  I have downloaded so many things from her site recently.  The ppt I created has snippets of pages from her site.
You can click on the picture below to grab the ppt:
I hope you're having a great week!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Currently

Listening:  When my daughter takes her naps I like to keep the hall bathroom fan on.  She has a noise maker in her room to drown out the sound.. but I like the extra fan, just in case I happen to be doing something that might wake her.
Loving:  I love my new job!!  Yes, it's hectic working from home.  In some ways, I think it might be harder.  Trying to balance things at home and sometimes ignore things at home, work like crazy during Sara's naps, be willing to take her to my mom's for a while to get stuff done, etc..  But yes, I love it! 
Thinking:  Seriously, is she already 8 months old?!?!?  My how time flies when you're having fun.  I took these today.

She loves to read :)  Happy momma!!!
Wanting:  I'm so ready to be done with my masters... oh so close, yet so far!!!  I only have 3 classes left.  I think I can, I think I can.
Needing:  to go through Sara's clothes.  She has a huge pile in the corner that need to be boxed up.  I must go buy some tubs this week!
Trick:  The snipping tool.  You can take a snapshot of pretty much anything.  Including a PDF!!!  Yup, that's right.  Want to insert your worksheet into your ppt-- you can do it!
Guess what day it is?!?!?!  HUMP Day!!!!!