Friday, September 2, 2016

Breakfast & Bible Journaling

I recently started a Miracle Morning Routine. It helps me focus on my goals and gives me some ME time! I think this is important no matter what career you have in life. Being a mom requires A LOT of patience. That alone (without throwing career, finances, marriage, etc.. into the mix) can be a struggle. If you do not give yourself some time alone daily it is hard to deal with it all sometimes. I have noticed when I wake up earlier and have time for breakfast and bible journaling I am a better wife, mom, leader, team member, pampered chef director, christian and just an all around better person. I'm not saying I am perfect and do it every day.. but I crave this time.

I just wanted to drop in and share some of my favorites that I've done so far.

If you would like some samples that I created for you to simply trace and color in your Bible-- click the picture below and enjoy some time in the word!!!