Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl Sale!!!

This Sunday I, along with many other fabulous teachers, will be throwing a Super Bowl sale!!!  Stop by my tpt store sometime during the day to grab some items for 28% off!  What a deal?!? Don't forget to enter in the code super at checkout.  
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Using graphic organizers to help with writing and a freebie!

I don't know about you, but if I want my kinder kids to really write they need help organizing their thoughts!  If I ask them to write about winter.. it might say, "I like sno."  And that'd be it!  Is that a god sentence- yes!  However, so many of our little learners are capable of so much more- they just need a little help to get it out of them! 

I began using thinking maps and graphic organizers much more after attending an in-service on write from the beginning.  Well, my kiddos writing began to improve drastically!!!!  Are they doing it all on their own- no. But-- if you look at most of those common core standards it says, "with prompting and support."  Those graphic organizers and teacher modeling are supporting my little learners. 

Here are a few pictures of how I use them in my room:

First and most importantly-- it is so essential for us to model for our kiddos!  I cannot preach it enough--- model model model!  I always try to fill out the graphic organizer with my kids so they can see me writing.  I normally annotate over the desktop, using the Promethean Board, like I did on this one.
We used the bubble map to describe winter.  I explained that we were using adjectives.  Do they need to know that term yet?  No, but it's important to be introducing them to the correct vocabulary early on!
Here were just a few samples of their writing!  If they had done this on their own-- I may have had 1 or 2 that would have done something like this.. not over half my class!
If you'd like to grab the winter graphic organizer and writing paper click the picture below!
I created a pack not too long ago with different graphic organizers for sale on tpt.  It includes 14 different templates for you to print and use as your own and great teaching tips for each one!  You can check it out by clicking the picture below!
I hope you've enjoyed your long weekend!  I sure have.. I'm over 37 weeks and about to pop!!!!  Literally! haha  I hope everyone has a blessed four day week!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snowman Math & Literacy Centers

You can check out these activities and more in my Snowman Math & Literacy Center Pack! Click the picture below to check it out!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Currently!!!

well today we had to go back for in-service.. blah!  I'm always so brain-dead by the end of it.  We had a few share sessions, so that was fun.. but I always seem to be very drained by the end of it!
I'm loving Sara Jo's nursery.  I had my baby shower at church this last Sunday and we were overwhelmed by the love and generosity that was given.  So, needless to say.. I spent the last few days of my break organizing her nursery!  Ahh-- I could just sit in her cozy little room all day.  I plan on taking pictures of it very soon-- I promise to share!
I say I'm ready for maternity leave.. because I am!  This year has been very hard for me.  I love my kids.. but it's just a tough year.  I'll leave it at that!  You're a teacher, so you understand!
But, before I leave.. I need to finish up just a few more things.  I'm actually almost completely done with my maternity plans!  That was exciting and huge to get accomplished over the break!
And last.. I need more sleep!  Everyone says, "get sleep now!"  Welp.. turns out I'm struggling in this area.  It's a combination of achiness, my mind going constantly, and anxiety. 
And last my OLW: balance.
I am praying that after my sweet girl comes along I will be able to balance being a wife, mother, teacher, daughter, getting my masters, going to church, blogger and all the other wonderful things I have going on!
Wow.. I wrote a novel tonight!  Well, if you're still out of school-- you disgust me.. and if you have to go back like I do.. I'm sorry! haha Either way, have a blessed night!!!