Tuesday, January 28, 2014

February Math Journal Prompts

Click the picture below to check them out!

As a thank you for stopping by.. I'm offering my January Math Journal Prompt pack to the first person who can guess my daughter's birthday... It's in February.  Don't forget to leave your email when commenting.  If no one guesses correct, I will chose the person who is the closest.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Currently in 2014!!!

It seems the older I get, the faster time flies!  I cannot believe another year has come and gone!  Even though 2013 was filled with some tragedy and heartache.. I would have to say it was the best year of my life!  God blessed my husband and I with this perfect little angel.

She makes us laugh, cry, smile.. the list goes on! She has brought so much joy to my life!  I cannot imagine it without her.

Now that my sappy moment is over.. haha..

I'm linking up with Farley for the January Currently in 2014!!!

Listening- pretty self explanatory.. catching up on Laundry.
Loving- So, I am officially a stay at home mom!
Thinking- Man, I need to catch up on some posts I've been meaning to do...
Wanting- my husband had a week off for Christmas, so he decided to start a project.. We are adding some wood to the attic so we can have more storage.  That meant bringing a lot of stuff out of the attic into the office.. blah!
Needing- I want to have my daughter's 1 year scrap book displayed at her first birthday party, so I need to get busy.  
Memory/Tradition- I impulsively bought a video camera this year because I wanted to record my daughter coming down the stairs and her first Christmas.. 

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new years eve!