Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Target Dollar Spot Finds for your Classroom!

I know I'm not the only one who is obsessed with shopping at Target. I try to avoid the place all together... Why you might ask??? Well, let me give you a run down of what generally happens upon entering Target.

Pull into parking lot.

In my head: "ok--- don't spend over $30.  Well, ok maybe $50... that should be enough."

Walk into Target.

Me: I should probably get a cart just in case.
Me: All I need is a picture frame and some bandaids.
Me: I can do this. Only 2 items.....

Put Sara in the cart and begin pushing.

Me: Ohhhhh--- look at all the cute stuff in the Target Dollar Spot.

$372 later.....

Walking out of Target....
Me: What just happened?????

I think we have all entered the Target Vortex a time or two. Some of us more than others.... But, I have to admit I was incredibly excited to see so many adorable "back to school" items.

Check out my stash!

I was super excited about finding these stickers because her teachers asked for some on their wish list! Score!!! 

These would make perfect Carpet Bags- check out Kim Adsit's post on them. And really, who doesn't love Dr. Suess?!?! They also had some cute notepads and stamps.

I was REALLY excited about these. My sweet girl is constantly challenging me and I am amazed at what she already knows... So, I decided to grab a few of these and keep them on hand for when I need to make a coaching call or wait on getting new tires.. blah!

She was super excited to try one of them out! I even let her pick a reward sticker to put on the page after "Self-checking" it.

Final thing I threw in my buggy were these adorable ABC cards and matching games. We have just recently started playing Memory and you can never have too many alphabet cards!

Did you all find anything at your Target for Back to School???