Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Currently

Normally, I always start my post talking about how fast time has gone by and I can't believe it is ____.  However, this time I am thrilled it is summer!!!  So, no complaining here!  Although, I do wish time would slow down just for the summer...  I am loving every minute I get to be home with my girl!
I have to say I think it is every teachers dream to make enough money on tpt to stay home.  However, when I first started creating products I did not have that in mind.  I love my job and I love teaching.. but everything changed for me when I brought home my little girl.  I plan to return in August and continue working.. However, it is my dream to stay home with the next child (at least for a little while).  But, until then I will just take advantage of each and every moment!  It's hard to be a working mom-- but thank goodness I am a teacher!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blast Off to 1st grade Flash Freebie!!!

I just created a simple pack to send home with my Kindergarten Kids next year!  Of course, I wish I had created it a little sooner.. but I will save it for next year!
I wanted to Celebrate Summer with all my wonderful blogger/teacher friends.  So, I decided to do a Flash Freebie!  If you hurry you can grab my Blast Off to 1st grade pack for FREE!!!  Yup, you read it right.  Hurry over to my tpt store and grab it now!  Please follow my store and my blog to recieve updates.  Who knows, I might just do more of these this summer!  This weekend I will change the price from FREE to $2.00.  Grab it while it's hot.  I would really appreciate you leaving feedback as well.  
Click the picture to grab your copy.

Happy Summer!
The Flash Freebie is no longer offered.