Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Currently

Normally, I always start my post talking about how fast time has gone by and I can't believe it is ____.  However, this time I am thrilled it is summer!!!  So, no complaining here!  Although, I do wish time would slow down just for the summer...  I am loving every minute I get to be home with my girl!
I have to say I think it is every teachers dream to make enough money on tpt to stay home.  However, when I first started creating products I did not have that in mind.  I love my job and I love teaching.. but everything changed for me when I brought home my little girl.  I plan to return in August and continue working.. However, it is my dream to stay home with the next child (at least for a little while).  But, until then I will just take advantage of each and every moment!  It's hard to be a working mom-- but thank goodness I am a teacher!

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  1. Agree with wanting to stay home-and I don't even have kids yet! :)