Saturday, September 22, 2012

Random post..

Well, I have been busy.. no surprise there!!  I guess that's why you're wondering where your next Friday Freebie is...  well, Saturday will have to do!  I just made a quick little count by tens page.  My kiddos need a little more practice with it, and I wanted it to be something tangible (even though we love singing along with YouTube!  I wanted each student to visibly see the numbers.  Next week I will give each student a sentence strip and a copy of this paper.  Then, they have to count by tens and glue them in order on the sentence strip. I thought this would be perfect for morning work, and it would be an easy assessment to check who can count by tens or recognize numbers yet..
Click the picture to grab your FREEBIE!
on another completely random note.....
We're having a.....
We couldn't be more excited and thrilled (if you couldn't tell by the picture).  haha  I love that my husband has his hand in his mouth.  So fun!  We did a gender reveal party, invited my family, skyped with his, etc... the whole nine yards!  It was perfect! 
Just wanted to share with my wonderful blogging buddies. 
Have a great rest of the weekend.
P.S.- Be on the look out for my Fall Math and Literacy unit.
Coming soon!!!!