Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Math & Literacy Snapshot!

Spooky Spiders is a Dice Game.  Each child rolls 1 or 2 dice.  Then, they count out the # of spiders and write the # on the spider web.  I used die-cuts that I had laminated from last year. 
Pumpkin Roll and Cover is also an easy dice game!  They roll 2 dice.  Find the sum and color the pumpkin!
Silly Skeletons was one of my Literacy Centers from today.  We used a little magnifying glass to help us hunt down sight words on the skeletons.  The kids LOVED this center!
These are just a few snapshots from this week.  I will post a few more pictures later this week or possibly next week!  Click the picture below to check out my  Fall pack!

Click the picture above if you want a FREE copy of these sight word cards.  I only have the words we have learned so far.  I teach with Treasures, so they're perfect for anyone who uses that!!

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