Monday, October 22, 2012

Matter: Solid, Liquid, & Gas!

Last week during Science we discussed matter and the world around us!  This year I decided to spruce up my science unit on matter and create a few activities of my own.  So of course, I had to make a unit to sell!  Click on the picture to check it out!
I began the unit by reading the poems about each state of matter.  Then, we sorted pictures by the state of matter as a class. After this each child had their own tree map to sort pictures so I could check their learning.
I also love that my school has Brainpopjr as a resource!!!  I used all 3 of their videos on Matter during this unit.
If you teach Matter-- check out this mini unit.  It's perfect to add to any science curriculum or just simply to teach the states of matter!

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  1. This looks great. Im your newest follower! Glad to find another Tennessee teacher.