Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spooky Syllables- differentiating instruction

I have decided to work more on creating activities to differentiate instruction.  Well, in my Fall Pack on tpt I created a little activity with sorting syllables.  What better way to differentiate instruction than by giving the higher children a harder task??  So, I didn't just create one sheet-- but two!  The first page only has a few pictures for student A to sort and the second page has 9 syllables for student B to sort.  That way... my sweet friends that take about a year to cut paper.. cough cough (being dead serious!!), will have something they can accomplish and the higher kids who sit there bored while everyone else is cutting.. will still be working!
Click the picture to grab your Freebie!!
If you like the freebie "Spooky Syllables," be sure to check out my Fall Pack.  Your math and literacy centers will be all set for October!

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