Friday, November 2, 2012

Picture walk of my CrAzY week!

I don't know about you but I feel like I need a few more hours in my day... Thank goodness for Fridays! Can I get an AMEN?!?! I had my pop-in observation Monday, Doctor's Appt Tuesday, Pumpkin Patch Wednesday, must I go on... This is one tired teacher here! I am far too brain-dead to discuss anything too in depth. So.... I decided just to share a few pictures from this week!
We read this informational text on bats. Then, I filled in a tree map on my Promethean Board...
While they filled in their own.
I've been reading this fun book all week for my masters...  Did I mention how much I like to read stuff like this... (sarcasim).  I love to learn about how we learn... but I'd much rather be buying clip art, creating packs for TpT, laminating, and doing stuff for my classroom.

I did buy this during the trick or treat sale.  I have a few kinders that are REALLY struggling and need some help with letter ID and sound MAJORLY!!  So, I bought this little baby from Abby and began printing.  Well, I ran out of ink in the process!  But--- my hubby works for Dell.  So, I immedately texted him and told him it was an emergency that I have ink shipped to me that day so I could finish printing.. He just laughed!  Then, ordered the ink!
And of course I have to share a picture of my $40 dresser I bought at a yard sale... cough cough-- I'm proud!  It was super old and a yucky brown.  I sanded, painted and changed the handles.  And ta-da!!!  A cute little dresser for my sweet girl.
Finally, can you guess what we are doing next week?!?!

I hope everyone has a restful weekend.  I know I need it and I plan to get it!  Happy Friday!

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