Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Break is almost here!!!!

It seems I have been a slacker this month and kept forgetting to take pictures.  You know how it is.. IEP meetings, 9 weeks testing, etc..  I planned all this cute stuff, but unfortunately this time of year is so busy.. blogging has fallen a bit by the wayside. 
But-- fear not!!  I did not take a few pictures.  Here are just a few snapshots of some Holiday fun we have had in my class!

You can click on each picture to check out the three packs I mentioned above!
I'm so ready for Christmas Break!!  I have been trying real hard to wrap up my maternity plans.  Although I am not due until Feb 8th.. I know I am going to be so overwhelmed come January-- so I'm planning ahead!  My brain is on over drive though.. I'm not only doing those plans but my January plans as well.  So, my brain is ready for a break from school!  I hope the next 2 days go by fast for you and me both!! 
Happy Monday!

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