Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Alphabet Book

While planning for my return to school for my last few weeks, I created a simple little alphabet book to use with my kids to review all the letters. 
Here is a picture of my sample:

We colored the front and wrote our name.  Then, I told them we were going to review all the letters.  We would only do 5-6 letters a day during LAWS (language arts writing and spelling).

First, I showed them the letter video on youtube.

Then, they would think of something that starts with A.  After they finish drawing their picture and writing their word, I would call on every child to quickly tell me something that starts with that letter.

I did the same thing for each letter.

My kids really seem to be enjoying it! It's quick, easy, and they love coming up with a word that no one else has done!  You might also consider purchasing this for back to school time.. just a thought! 

Click the picture to check it out!!!

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  1. oh these are great! Sounds like a fantastic way to review. I love your binding machine, I wish we had one of those.