Thursday, September 26, 2013

3rd Grade Thursday!

Don't quote me on this.... but--
I am going to try to do a 3rd grade post every Thursday.
This week I want to talk a little bit about how I teach virtual.  Many of you have asked me about it, but until recently I couldn't really answer any questions because I was still learning!
It basically works like this..
You create a powerpoint to teach your standards.  You would create it just like in a brick and mortar classroom.  Instead of handing out a piece of paper or a worksheet at the end of your lesson, you give them a slide.  They have "tools" to write/draw on the slide/board to answer the questions and work out the problems.  I wear a headset with a mic.  I teach my lesson and talk to the kids just like in a classroom.  Instead they cannot see me-- we are all learning virtually!!!  It's really pretty awesome!  The kids have options to raise their hand, answer yes/no or abcd, etc.. 
Each Monday we do what's called a Monday Meeting.  I really like this because it gives you time to talk with the kids, introduce the vocabulary for the week, talk about the standards, do a student of the week, play a fun game, and get to know your kids.  So, I created a powerpoint for my 1st Monday Meeting.  I cannot offer it to you for free due to clipart and other activities that have copyright.  But, I wanted to show you what I do every day! 
Here are a few pictures from my Monday Meeting: 
This was my first week teaching my kiddos, So I wanted to introduce myself!
We always talk about our standards and go over the vocab for the week.  I created my vocab slides using pictures.  It not only helps me explain the word better, but it gives my students a visual.

We played a fun game called I spy! Have you heard of it?? JK!!

Finally, I wanted to do an educational activity before leaving our session.  This is my new favorite pack on tpt!!!  I bought the Reading Comprehension Bundle from Across the Hall in 2nd Grade.  This pack is awesome!  There are a ton of short passages and questions at the end.
Since I cannot give them a worksheet.. I simply create a slide for each student by taking a picture of the passage.  Are you wondering how in the world I did this... Google: the snipping tool.  If you do not have it downloaded on your computer.  Don't walk-- RUN (virtually) to download it now!!

I take a picture and insert it into my ppt and when they finish their work, I save it as a PDF and bam- I have evidence for their learning!  Pretty awesome!!!
Well, I hope you found this post interesting.  My learning curve right now is straight up.. So, please be patient with me if you ask any questions. 
PS- tomorrow is Friday!!!!


  1. Becky,
    This sounds so interesting! I am curious... Who are your students and where do they do their "learning?" Are they at home or at a school? I would love if you would email the information about what you do.

    1. I will definitely email you! It's really awesome. I'm hired by K12 virtual academy. My students are all over TN bc I work for a TN school within K12. You can also go to their website to check them out.