Thursday, November 21, 2013

3rd Grade Thursday- Sticky note teaching...

It's that time again.. Third Grade Thursday!

Today, I thought I'd share a little bit about how you can use sticky notes with Interactive Anchor Charts!

I bought these awesome sticky notes-- they are super sticky, and not just at the top!!!  I knew they would be perfect to add to any anchor chart when teaching.

Here's what I did...

I knew my kids needed some extra practice with types of sentences.  So, I printed off words to make a tree map.  I decided I needed to focus on only a few types of sentences at a time.  So, I stuck them on some white chart paper to form my tree map.  (You can grab the words to make your own tree map by clicking the picture below.)

I asked my students to give examples of the different types of sentences.  Then, I wrote them and asked where it should go.  

If I was in a brick and mortar setting I might pass out the sticky notes to each table and ask each kid to write a sentence.  Then, read it aloud to the class.  Finally, they can place their sticky note sentence where it belongs on the anchor chart.  You might also consider letting their friends decide where it goes.  Turn it into a game.. Just a thought!

The end result:  Don't you just love how colorful it makes the chart!

 I found a million other resources to go with my lesson!!  But, I didn't have time to gather them all for this post.

However, I did have to share this adorable song on Types of Sentences.  So perfect!

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