Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Peek at my Week- Phoneme Segmentation

I'm linking up (for the first time ever) with Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten for A Peek at my Week!

Since I am working on my action research, I thought I'd share what I have done a few days with my kiddos and plan to finish this week.  We have had a few snow days, so I will be back in the classroom tomorrow.

The skill I am working on is Phoneme Segmentation.  As you can see I have either created or found a variety of materials to help me teach this skill.  

Day 1:
I found a video on Pinterest of words being segmented.  I wanted my kiddos to see in the beginning the skill I want them to master.  So, we watched about half of the video.  Next, we used those dot cards I found here to segment a few different words.  Then, we used my segmenting sweets from my February Math & Literacy Centers unit to practice.  At the end, for documentation, I assessed each child by asking them to segment 5 words each.  

Day 2:
We used sound boxes and small gems to push the sounds into the box.  You can find these in my Phoneme Segmentation pack, along with the picture sort we did next.

Day 3:
We practiced tapping out the words again.  I had a few kiddos who struggled with this new skill.  Then, we used my Phoneme Segmentation Flip chart (they have Promethean Boards).  As an assessment, we did one of the printables from my Phoneme Segmentation pack "How many sounds?".

Day 4:
We will use the picture cards & sounds boxes again to refresh our memory.  Then, we will finish our Flip Chart.  At the end we will use our bingo dotters and do "Solar Sounds".  I will also give a post assessment to see how those kiddos progressed with this skill.

You can find almost all of these activities in my newly added Phoneme Segmentation pack on tpt.  Click the picture to check it out!

Check back later this week for pictures and a more detailed explanation of what's inside & how I used it for my small groups.  And possibly a freebie...

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