Thursday, May 1, 2014

End of the Year Take Home Pack!

Seriously, we are already talking about the end of the year.. Wow!!  I don't really want to say it went fast.. because some of you might yell at me.  I've had one or two of those years.

You always want to feel like you're sending those kinder babies off to 1st grade prepared.  While you might have some that will catch on no matter what, and some that will always struggle. Sending something home for your students to work on over the summer is a must!  I like to mention in my newsletter the week or so before I send it home, that it's not homework, I don't need it back, and to continue to practice some of the skills even after the pages are all completed.

Here is a preview of my Blast off to 1st grade pack:

The skills included are:
Counting to 100
Letter Writing
Name Writing
CVC matching
Beginning Sounds
Color Words
Count by 10s
Reading Comprehension
Real/Nonsense Words
Writing Sentences with the correct punctuation

Click the picture to check it out!

After purchasing this pack, you can put it together to send home a number of ways.  I like to print the pages front and back to save paper and either bind them with our school binding machine, or hole punch them and stick them in a folder.

Do you have any helpful tips and tricks to help get your kinders ready for 1st grade??

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