Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring Teacher Trends!

Who says teacher's can't be trendy??? 

Well, I have decided to dedicate a post every few months to "teacher trends."  I want to share some things that are in style, affordable, cute and comfy.

I'd like to start with a disclaimer saying.. I am not a model (so I may be standing awkwardly..).  I am not married to a professional photographer and my mom isn't one either.  Some of the things I am wearing might not be in stock any longer, but I try to pick things that are "in style" so you can find something similar very easily.

Outfit 1:  Denim Button Up Shirt (Target), Coral Capri's (Target), Sandals (Marshalls), Watch (Fossil) & Pandora Braclet

Outfit 2:  Floral Skirt (Very Jane), Black Shirt (Target), Necklace (Very Jane) & Wedges (Target)

Outfit 3:  Maxi Skirt (Very Jane), White Shirt (had it forever.. who knows), Watch (Fossil) & Sandals (TJ Maxx)

Outfit 4:  Shirt (The Polkadot Alley- they are on FB), Capris (Express), Necklace (Forever 21) & Wedges (Target)

As you can see some things that are in style this season are: teals, florals, wedges, chunky necklaces, Maxi Dresses and Skirts, Chevron, Denim Shirts, & jeans/capris that are light colors.

Some of my favorite places to shop that are affordable and fashionable are:

I hope you are inspired by some of the outfits I have shared today.  If you'd like to link up and share some of your Spring Teacher Trends Feel free to copy the button and link it back to my blog!

SJ is also very excited about Spring!!!  She loves playing outside with mommy.  

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

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