Friday, June 27, 2014

August Kindergarten Home School Curriculum

I have been soooooo busy the last few weeks.. not just because I am a mommy, wife, pampered chef consultant, blogger, etc..


because I have been working on a HUGE project!!!  All my extra time and energy has gone into creating a Kindergarten Home School Curriculum.  My daughter is only 16 months old, so it's not for me.. I had a friend approach me about it.. I thought for a few days and decided I could really make something fabulous!

She has already seen August and September.  I have only added August to tpt, but I plan to add September soon.  

My plan is to finish the entire 10 month set by August.. cross your fingers....

I'm sure you're wondering what's inside....

 Well, I have included detailed daily lesson plans.  That's right.. I typed up what I did every day in Kindergarten and adapted it to a home school setting.  I have included links to You tube videos I played in my own classroom, online games and resources.  Behind each weeks lesson plans are all the printable resources you need!

Below is a sample daily plan from the August Curriculum:

If you are interested in home schooling, but don't know where to start... check this out!!!  It includes activities for every subject area and comes straight from a classroom teacher.

I plan to do a more detailed post later, but for now I just had to share the big news!  Pass it on if you know of anyone interested in home schooling.

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