Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to School Lunchbox Linky!!!

How many times do you race around the kitchen in a panic trying to throw something together that can resemble a lunch???
I definitely remember those days...
Well, here are a few items you can throw together really quickly to make a fabulous lunch!!!

My daughter and I both LOVE Hummus!  These are perfect to have as a snack or with your lunch.

Cheese bars or cheese sticks are easy to grab and yummy as well!
(I love to eat these with red grapes!)

Occasionally, I would even run out the door without breakfast... This is no bueno if you have to constantly be moving all day!
You need to fuel yourself in the morning, and yes that means something other than coffee!

I love to add some fresh fruit to my lunch and Sara always appreciates it when I put it in her lunch on Mother's Day Out days.

You can also make a yummy turkey avocado sandwich, egg salad or even just an egg sandwich.

These are perfect for kids of any age!  It's nice to have things that are quick and easy to pack (keep these stocked in your pantry).

You're a teacher for goodness sake, take a desert every now and then!  I don't know about you, but Nutella makes my heart happy (not my hips).

Thinking of kids again..  Be sure to keep simple snacks on hand.  These will come in handy after school when they are already ready for dinner!
I'd love to see what you bring to school for lunch or what you pack for your kiddos!  Link up below! 
(PS- You can snag my top pic if you link up)


  1. My daughter started K this year. So lunch packing (for her) is new to us and we really had to think about what we wanted to send each day. She is gluten free too! That took some extra thinking and reminding reminding reminding not to share food with anyone. Do you have a good ice pack that you add to their lunches?
    Curious Firsties

    1. I bought the Rubbermaid lunch box set from Target, but I have seen them everywhere! The ice pack was still a little cool the other day when I picked up my daughter at 2. And I packed her lunch that morning around 8.