Monday, September 8, 2014

Color Word Fun!

 I have always loved teaching my kiddos the color words.  It's not fun if they struggle with it.. but for the most part by the end of the year my kiddos have always mastered this skill.

Here are just a few ways I teach and review the color words!

My kiddos LOVE to use a magnifying glass.  Searching for color words is a fun way to review those color words all year long!

If you like this and want to try it out, click the picture below (there is a freebie in the preview).

When I introduce each color word we do a circle map from my Crazy for Color Words Unit.

We play this game in the computer lab to review the words.

Of course, we can't forget those catchy color word songs.  I think that's the trick to getting them to memorize the words. 

I searched color words on Pinterest and found a ton of AWESOME resources!!!  Don't ya just love Pinterest?!?!

One of the resources I came across was from this blog:

She keeps a bag of all the color words di-cut out of laminated construction paper to match the word.  Kids can put them in order as a center, at the end of individual work or even do this whole group!  I LOVE this idea.  Plus, it's cheap and easy to make!

I also found this awesome FREEBIE on Pinterest by Renee Dooly.  

What are some fun ways you teach the color words???

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