Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Usually, I always do Transportation the first week of November.  It's the perfect topic to break up Halloween and Thanksgiving.  It also keeps the boys engaged (which can sometimes be very hard to do). 

I always start with this book to introduce the unit.
We discuss all the different forms of transportation that pass by as they are waiting for the bus.

We do sentence building on the Promethean Board (this was super easy to make).

And, we do sentence building in a pocket chart and on paper.  I recently updated my Transportation unit and added a few things.  The car sentence building was updated to give you a different option.

There are 5 thematic math journal prompts.

We also discuss Transportation during Social Studies.  I like to read some non-fiction books and use this to sort what we just learned.

We LOVED to read the room!  Something about carrying around a clipboard made them feel important.

I also have 2 different thematic word walls in the unit.  I like to make a cute one (if time permits) to hang up and then one that can float around during our literacy center time.

Some of the other newly added items are the Boating Beginning Sounds center and the "What can go?" sight word reader.

When I give them a sight word reader during small group, we always highlight the sight word we are working on. 

 If you like these activities you can check them out by clicking the picture below.

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