Sunday, December 21, 2014

14 in 14 Linky Party!

I'm linking up with some lovely ladies to take a look back at 2014!  Click the picture above to join in the fun!

This quote has been especially true this year.  For so many years the thought of being a stay at home mom was not an option.  Thanks to Pampered Chef and TpT I get to take some "time off" to be a mommy!  I love both of my jobs!!!!

Even though Sara Jo looks like a diva in this.. (she is almost always a diva) but anyway, I love collared shirts.  Especially my denim one. :)  It's the perfect amount of comfort and cute!

I loved this movie for so many reasons.

 I seriously LOVE this show!!  And just in case anyone hasn't seen the season finale.. I won't discuss why I am so happy at this moment! haha

 I could seriously eat here a couple times a week.  Not every day, but almost every day if I was given the option.  My husband has to tell me, "Not Blue Coast Burrito" on occasion.  Some days, I take Sara Jo and we eat lunch there.  Shhh-- don't tell him!


I know I've said it before, but I seriously LOVE being a pampered chef consultant.  I know it's not for everyone, and I honestly never thought I would do direct sales... but it has been a huge blessing for my family and me!

I'm also a bit obsessed with Jamberry nails.. :)
I only tried them out about 2 months ago.  So fun and cute!

Well, it isn't Christmas just yet.. but we had Christmas with my family and I'd have to say I love the book my mom made us. :)

Everything I pinned for Disney!!!! We go in February! I cannot wait!!!!

 Teaching, Learning, & Loving: 25 Ways to Teach Sight Words!

I love to teach sight words, but I was even more excited to watch the views sky rocket on this post! A few weeks ago it was over 40,000.  I'm too lazy to see what it is currently sitting at. But still, it was a fun post to write and really neat to see others enjoy it!


Completing my M.ed in Instructional Technology!!!

A mother's love.

My photographer captures some of the best moments!


Taking Sara Jo to the beach for the first time!!
It is VERY hard with a toddler.  No laying out and reading a good book while you hear the waves crashing against the sand.... There is chasing and sand in places you don't normally have sand.  However, the look on her face when she would splash in the water was well worth it!

1.  To get back into shape
2.  To promote to Director with the Pampered Chef

I want to make sure I keep my priorities in tact this next year.  I want to continue to grow all my different businesses, but keep God and my family first!  Hopefully, I can get better at that.. Almost every momma I talk to about this struggles with it as well.  Whether you work from home, out of the home or not at all-- it seems to be a constant battle.  Praying I work hard to know when to say no and when it push on!

2014 was a great year, but it was also filled with tragedy and hardship.  I will be welcoming 2015 with open arms!! haha

Have a Merry Christmas!!!


  1. I loved reading this! Your family is so adorable and I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store!


  2. Which Disney park are you going to in February? Disneyland in CA or Disney World in FL? If Disney World, let me know! I was a passholder for 3 years! There's TONS to do! Keep in mind, booking places to eat and Characters to meet can be done in advance and I HIGHLY recommend doing that! We live in Orlando and had to make reservations for the new Be Our Guest fine dining at Magic Kingdom months in advance! You'll have SO much fun! So much to do!

    Fishing for Education -

    1. We are going to Disney World! I am so excited!!! I have booked a couple places to eat, but I need to get back on it and finish everything in the next few weeks.. I might have to message you to get some tips and such.