Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Find a friend to tie your shoe...

Picture this....

You're walking down the hall, and one of your students trips and goes flying across the floor.  It causes a huge disruption and everyone starts laughing or talking.  Your somewhat quiet line is now in an uproar.


You have that 1 student who seems to be the real life Junie B or Clementine character playing the perfect off the wall child in your class.  That poor child can't seem to keep their shoes tied, and better yet, they don't know how to do it!

"Mrs. Baxter, can you tie my show?"
This is said about 5 times a day for the entire first semester.

One day, I heard another teacher tell a child in the hallway to "find a friend to tie their shoe."  I thought, this lady is a genius!!!  (This also happened to come in handy when I was pregnant and basically refused to bend over and tie their shoes.  I figured if I could not tie my own shoes, I probably can't tie theirs either.)

Not only did I get out of tying hundreds of shoes, but I was able to use peer tutoring (haha).  When this begins to fail... 

I suggest the 1 second method.

This sweet girl watched a video on You tube that her mom found on learning to tie shoes quickly.

Her mom stated: I showed her the video and by that afternoon she was tying shoes.

This was me:

I said, "Teach me your ways!!!!!"
(ok, maybe it wasn't that dramatic, but you get the point)

I felt like I had struck gold, and instead of keeping this treasure to myself, I had to share!!!

Click the video below to watch.

In general, I told my parents at the beginning of the year I would not be tying shoes after January.  It seems harsh.. but if you are a Pre-K or K teacher, you understand!!!

I thought this might be something fun to show your kids during indoor recess one day or even on an iPad with your kiddos who still can't tie their shoe.

I hope this is a helpful tip.  Have a great day!!

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