Thursday, February 19, 2015

Letter S Find with Sara

It might sound like I am that crazy momma who comes to Parent Teacher conference and tries to tell you their child knows everything and you are the crazy one... ok, maybe not that dramatic, but OMG--- my child knows ALL the letters.  I'm serious-- ALL of them!  She just turned 2 and only goes to a mothers day out twice a week.  I am not a flashcard parent either!  I firmly believe 2 things.  Reading to your child makes a HUGE difference, and she is going to be smarter than me!
So, I thought we might have a little fun with one of my letter activities (since we are stuck at home anyway).  Since she cannot circle with a crayon, pencil, etc.. we used a bingo dotter to find the letter Ss.  She did soooo good!  Of course, she ended up using the dotter to bingo dot almost all the letters by the end. lol But it was fun seeing her find all the Ss's until she became overcome with the excitement of the bingo dotter.

If you want to check out my Letter Find unit on tpt click the picture below.

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