Saturday, October 1, 2016

Three Little Pigs- NEW UNIT!

Obviously, since I am a teacher I LOVE to read to my daughter and have a million children's books.  One of our current favorites to read is The Three Little Pigs by James Marshall.  There are so many different versions, but this has always been my go to when reading to my kinder kiddos.

I created a sweet little unit that can be used both in the classroom and home school setting.

Here is a little preview of what's included. It's 30 pages long (so this isn't all of it).  Be sure to click the picture above to check it out in my tpt store.

I think this cute little pig would make an adorable bulletin board display.. just saying.

There is a pig and wolf character Analysis (bubble maps). I always LOVED using these with my kinder kids because it helped them write sentences easier and eventually a paragraph.

This unit touches on soooo many standards!!!! Characters, Setting, Re-telling, etc...

I usually try to do this unit during P week. So, as you can see.. I included a few letter P activities.

There are also 5 Math Journal Prompts. If you have been following me for any length of time, you know I love Math & Science Journals!!!

A Fun re-telling craft activity!

I used hay, toothpicks and sandpaper. This activity would be a great way to review at the end of the week.  They can also practice re-telling the story by using the characters.

And last but not least--- you know I had to include a Science experiment or two. This one is my fav! Take your blow dryer to school and see if the wind will blow some ordinary classroom objects. The kids will LOVE it!!!

I've added in some of my favorite books to use during the lesson and a video you can play in your classroom.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all enjoy your Fall Break (for those of you in Rutherford County) and beautiful Fall weather.  

God Bless!