Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This week we started addition.

We watched the Brainpop video on Basic Addition.  Then, we discussed our new math words: join, number sentence, the plus & equal sign, etc... 

Here are a few of my math centers I am doing this week and next week for addition.

Domino Addition:

I placed a simple recording sheet in a page protector for the kids to write down their answers.  All they do is pick a domino, copy it to their paper, and use it to make a number sentence.  You can grab the recording sheet here.

Dice in Dice Addition:

My kids love these!!!

If you go to Shari Sloan's Website: and click on Math Centers...
You can grab the Dice in Dice recording sheets-- for both addition & subtraction!  I bought my Dice in Dice at the Parent Teacher Store.  I have seen them at other stores & online as well.

Also, since we have been doing weather this week.  Here is a dice addition game I made to go with our book A Rainy Day.  The graphics are by dj inkers (of course).

Happy Hump Day!

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