Thursday, August 8, 2013

My 1st Linky---Back to School Bulletin Board Showcase!!!

Something I always got a little bit giddy about was setting up my first bulletin board of the year.  Almost every year I would buy something new to put up.  However, last year I created something that was Pinterest Inspired! I honestly cannot tell you who pinned it first.. But I fell in love! I bought the paper, a brand new sharpie, the posters, glitter and got to work.  Once I had laminated my new creation, I couldn't wait to display it in the hall for all my new kinders and their parents to see!  Here is the finished product...
We're going to have a BALL in Kindergarten!
Am I the only one who LOVES to create adorable Bulletin Boards???  I think not!
That's what inspired my first LINKY!
I'd love to see what all my other fellow bloggers have created to display outside or inside their room for Back to School.  If I get a decent amount of people to link up-- I will come back and make a collection of BB in another post for you to have as a reference!

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