Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some have to's for Back to School!

Welp, it's Back to School time and you know what that means.. If you aren't already, you're about to be incredibly busy!  Here are a few B2S tips that can help reduce a little of that stress you are about to experience.
Every year before meeting my kiddos I always wondered what they would act like, do they have any allergies, do they know their letters yet, have they been to pre-school, etc...  In my Back to School Pack I have a simple form for parents to fill out at registration, Parent Orientation, or even on the first day of school that will help you get to know their child a little bit.
You should also have a behavior system already up and ready to go the minute every child walks through the door.  If you are using clothespins, magnets, cards-- whatever you use-- keep extras close by.  That way, if you get a new student you're not caught off guard with your jaw to the floor saying ummmm hold on.. while everyone waits for you!
This teacher has a free clip chart on her blog!  It's pretty cute too!!
FREE Chevron Behavior System
Be prepared with something simple and self explanatory for your kids to do when they walk in the room.  It might be blocks, puzzles, a simple sorting activity.  Keep in mind-- you are going to have a lot of parents and children coming in at once.  So, have something simple and easy for them to do!
This is from my Letter or Number Sort pack.  There are also a few of these in my Back to School pack as well.
Make sure to keep an updated transportation list at all times!!!!!  At the beginning of the year, my kids will change their transportation 3-4 times.  If the office calls your room, you should be able to tell them immediately where all your kids can be located- Bus, Car, Van, etc...  Here is a little freebie to help keep track of transportation.
Here are some of my must have products for Back to School:
I hope your week is going great!  Check back tomorrow for my very first LINKY!!!!

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