Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sight Word Book Pointers from Hobby Lobby!

While shopping at Hobby Lobby for my daughter's first birthday party, I came across these adorable little eyes.  They were in the party favor section.  

While assembling the party favor buckets I realized these would be perfect for reading sight word books.  Occasionally I have a few kiddos who jump over words, or read a little too fast.  By the time the story is over, they don't know what they just read...

Please ignore my old nail polish...

I just had to share this adorable find!  I know all those little kinder boys would love using these goofy eyes to point at the words when reading.

And for those of you that read my last post.. I was offering my January Math Journal Prompts to whoever could guess my daughter's birthday.  Welp, only 1 person guessed and she was wrong.. (it's the 2nd of Feb.) but I sent them anyway!

Happy 1st Birthday to my precious baby girl!

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  1. That birthday picture could not be cuter!!!
    Curious Firsties