Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fun on the Farm!

I just uploaded my newest classroom Fall unit.  I am so excited about it because it is very diverse and has some standards based craft projects inside!

My favorite craft and writing activity is the Farmer!!!

I found some great non-fiction books at my local library!

After reading some of the books, we use the information we learned and fill in the tree maps on the farmer and animals.

This song is hilarious and perfect to teach about what a farmer does and how it helps us! Click the picture to watch.

Isn't he adorable?!?
There is a template to make a little book to attach to the farmer.
I always have my kids use the tree map to write a few sentences (especially early in the year & and even later when we work on paragraphs).

There is also an animal research page that can be used for introducing each farm animal or used as homework.

Syllable sorting page:

Rhyming Page:

Farm I spy (basically): perfect to practice counting & 1:1 correspondence.

Beginning Sound Center:

Farm Math Craft: I love getting in cutesy stuff that fits a standard! 

There are so many other great resources in this pack!
Click the picture to check it out!!

My daughter LOVES animals!! These were just a couple pictures taken at a fall festival.  We will be going to a farm very soon!

Happy Fall Ya'll!

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