Monday, January 12, 2015

Learning is snow much fun!

Ok.. so maybe it's not the only reason...

All joking aside.. (maybe) I recently saw a status on fb where someone was complaining that teachers get out of school for a cold day.. Well, I live in TN and we are not prepared for 4 degree weather. So I simply commented (very nicely) that a 5 year old should not be waiting for the bus or walking to a bus stop in the weather, etc.. AND of course some of the buses in one county didn't start because of the cold but that's an entirely different but valid reason not to have school.  Thankfully, a teacher much older than me gave her two sense and it was pretty hilarious to read!

Anyway, I'm off my tangent.. I like every season for different reasons.. but I figure if it's going to be freezing cold then we should see some snow!  We've only had 1 day of snow, so I'm hoping for my teacher friends to see a bit more. 

I recently went to visit a family using my Kindergarten Home School Curriculum and snapped a few pictures.  It was snowman week in their house!

Snowman Syllable Flip Book

I recently updated my Snowman Math & Literacy Center unit.  This sight word reader was one of the additions.

They played a fun game called Snowman Fair Share.  She had to determine if the numbers were greater than. less than or equal to each other.

Of course we practice color words all year long!
My kiddos always loved these magnifying glass searches.

Winter I Spy: A counting math center

Math Journal Prompts (of course)

Falling Snow: this is an addition dice game.

A Snowman tree map to help organize their writing.

Winter Words: practicing those CVC words.

You can find all of these activities in my Snowman Math & Literacy Center for the classroom.  BUT if you are a home school parent, these are all included in my January Home School Curriculum.

Click either picture to check them out!

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  1. I moved to Australia and I still can't wrap my head around it being dead summer now! (Although, FL isn't entirely too far from it being warm, but not like this 100+F January/February!)

    Love what you created here! I enjoy seeing products in action. :)

    Fishing for Education Blog

    1. I cannot imagine teaching in another country!! Thanks for stopping by. I love meeting other bloggers!

  2. Just found your site & love it! I love the "snowman arms" addition.. will definitely be creating one of those for a kindergartener I'm working with!

    Thanks for all the ideas!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I'm happy to have given you some inspiration!