Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Solid's Liquids and Gases.. Oh My!

 I LOVE teaching Science!  It has to be one of my favorite subjects!!!  There is so much excitement when students discover, observe and explore during a science experiment.

I always teach my "It Matters!" unit during our Snowman week.  I like to incorporate science into as many subject areas as possible.  Some themes are easier to do than others.. For example with snow, you can display changes in matter- score!

One of the experiments listed in my Matter unit is called: Air takes up space.  Here's what you do:  Fill up a bucket or large bowl of water.  Place a dry paper towel in the bottom of a clear glass cup. Ask the child to push the cup (facing down) to the bottom of the bucket.  Hold it for a few seconds, then ask them to pull it back out.  At this point, I love watching their faces, because they feel like they have just performed a magic trick!  After the experiment is over, we complete our recording sheet. 

Science is so much fun!!!

I also like to show this video after we discuss Matter.  Some students may have a slight understanding of the concept, but this video goes a little more in depth (And, it's FREE).  Click the picture to watch.

You can also find a couple of different sorting activities in my Matter unit.  This one was done whole group after watching the video.

And, if you use Science Journals in your classroom-- be sure to check out my Interactive Science Journals for Young Learners.

Another easy experiment to do with your students is to simply watch an ice cube melt.  The recording sheet used in the picture above is also in my unit.  It might seem simplistic but it will help students understand how matter changes.

 Click the picture to check out my unit!

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