Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Contact Paper Heart Craft

I've mentioned before that I am working on being more crafty with my daughter.. Well, here is something super easy and cute you can try without spending much money or any at all.

This is seriously the cutest and easiest craft to make with ages 2-6.  I say such a wide range because if the paper is pre-cut for a toddler it's easy to do, but older ages can tear or cut the paper themselves.

Start by cutting out a heart.  I just used the old school method of folding it in half, but you can use a die-cut or even a cricut if you have one.

Cut out the contact paper to match the shape and place it on the construction paper.  Stick it back on the other side so it won't stick to anything yet.

Cut little squares of tissue paper.

Stick it on a window if you are able and let your little one go to town!

She had so much fun picking out each individual piece of paper. *Grin

So focused...

Daisy was very confused by this.

I thought it turned out so pretty!  She kept saying, "I finish." haha

Have fun making this with your students or your own children.  I love watching Sara explore. I plan to do more of these throughout the year with different shapes.  It's perfect for fine motor practice!

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