Thursday, April 2, 2015

Currently in ummmm April

I'm linking up with Farley for April's Currently... yes, I know it's April.  I thought for sure when I said I was going to step back a bit that I would at least get on like every other week...  I apologize for not blogging, but if you knew how busy I have been-- you would totally understand!

I thought this Linky was the perfect time for me to update you on what's Currently going on!

1.  We are currently living in my parent's upstairs.. We are cramped, but it's FREE!  Our house sold in like 1 day, we moved out, put stuff in storage, went to Disney, bought a lot and I've been all over the place busy these past 2 months!  My Nana is downstairs helping watch my niece while my sister in law sews with my mom.  Sara is napping, so I thought I might actually log into blogger for once!

2.  Yes, I am LOVING my Pampered Chef business! I never thought I would be in direct sales in a million years, and I have no clue if I will do this forever.  But, I have begun building a team and I make almost what I made as a teacher.  It truly is a blessing to be able to stay home with SJ and be a mommy for now.

3.  Since we are upstairs, we are a bit cramped.  I have tried to organize it some-what.. but then I got lax for a while and need to pick back up.  After all, we will be here for a few months.  I cannot live in chaos!

4.  We are already more than ready to move in... but we have a ways to go.


5.  And we are trying hard to save money so we can put down 20%.  We are sort close to what we should be at this point, but still not sure we will do it.  Say a pray for us, bc I'd really like to knock off some un-needed insurance each month by putting down 20%.

6.  And my blog name is pretty self-explanatory.  I did add "At home and in the classroom" because I wanted to feel like if I ever blogged about something outside of school it was all good! ;)

Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully, it won't take me a month to get back on.


  1. Good luck with the build - we are building at the moment too :)

  2. I bet it is cramped at your parents, but just keep reminding yourself that it is allowing yall to save a lot of money to go towards your house! I love Pampered Chef stuff. Everything is such great quality.

  3. I know what you mean about saving money. I gave up shopping for Lent (except groceries). My husband would like me to continue this trend for the year :)

  4. Living with parents isn't every easy. Hubby and I were crammed into one room with me pregnant, so I get the tight quarters! Saving money is a challenge for me to. Best of Luck!
    Kovescence of the Mind