Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter, Bunny-Mallows and a FREEBIE!

We had the best Easter weekend.  It was filled with family fun, great food, lots of sweets, egg dying, a wonderful church service and two egg hunts!  After all that Easter fun, I was a bit inspired to create a fun graphing activity to go with these Bunny-Mallows I found at the store.

Sorry it's a little late, but it can still go along with your Spring activities. :)

Click the picture below to grab it for FREE!

 Here are a few pics from our family Easter egg hunt.  I was worried about how many eggs she would get this year, and let me tell ya-- this girl was a pro!  Her bag was so heavy... I kept asking her to let me carry it and she refused until I finally just took it away! haha She is a mess.  It truly was the best weekend!!!



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