Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A magnetic attraction...

Along with all my other usual Valentine's activities I do this time of year.. I like to do a mini unit on magnets!

Here are a few awesome resources I found that are perfect to use when teaching about magnets to little learners.

First of all, I just LOVE brainpopjr!!!  There almost always seems to be the perfect little video to go with my lesson (especially science and social studies).  This magnet video helps little ones to better understand the simple concept of a magnet.

Next, you have to allow your students to be hands on.  So, I found this little freebie online to help them conduct an experiment and record their findings!

 Click the picture to grab it.

 And, I don't know about you.. but I love to play fun little videos or songs while my students are working or even to wrap up a lesson.  This one is short and simple, but pretty cute!

And, I had never seen this guy before.. but if you don't have brainpop and want a short, kid-friendly explanation of magnets- this one is pretty good too!

 After conducting an experiment, I always like to do a project or activity where they have free reign.  I found this adorable little project from gingersnapcrafts.  You know the boys would be all over this one!!!

This is also another fun activity to let your kiddos explore magnets.  I like to do this activity with a hypothesis before.  Many of my kiddos would guess wrong.  I loved seeing their shocked little faces!

At the end of every science unit, activity, etc.. We always open up those science journals and do an assessment.  This is included in my Interactive Science Journals for Young Learners.
Click the picture to check it out!

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  1. thanks for sharing i will try with my first graders God willling.