Sunday, February 9, 2014

February Math & Literacy Centers

I recently uploaded my February Math & Literacy Centers to tpt and wanted share a quick preview of what's inside!

There are 22 math & literacy centers in all (11 of each).

Here's what ya get.

Happy Heart Sounds- determine if the sound is beg, middle, or end
Segmenting Sweets- segmenting picture words
Crazy Candy- determine if the word is real or nonsense
Envelope Endings- ending sounds
Colorful Candy-color words
Letter Delivery- match word to picture
Sweet Sentences- put the sentences in order
Washington Words- add a letter to a word family to make a word
Starry Sight Words- build the sight words
Bald Eagle Blends- write the blend that matches the picture
Lincoln Letters- letter find

Cupid Counting- count the dots & write the #
Roll & Cover
Puppy Love Patterns- create a pattern or color one
Love Bird Addition
Sweet Subtraction
Cookie Counting
Washington Roll & Cover
Eagle Addition
Measure the Monuments- use unifix cubes and record the #
Colorful Stars!- color words
Colorful Cupcakes- color words and sentence in pocket chart

As you can see this pack is stuffed full of fun, engaging and standard based fun for the whole month of February. There are a few "presidential/US Symbol themed" literacy and math centers to use during the last few weeks of February. I know you will not be disappointed! There are also color options if you would rather just print and go! 

Click the picture to check it out!


  1. Those look amazing, Becky! I may have asked you this before- I am getting old- I am a TN blogger too! In Clarksville- What county or city are you in?
    ☞ Go Nutty With Me ☜

  2. Rutherford County. Yay for TN bloggers!